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Our Mission Statement

Our major aim is to help Independent Contractors working from home to build, grow and achieve their objectives in establishing a work from home lifestyle that is inclusive of their desire to have more time to spend with family, less stress in managing their personal time vs work responsibilities and removing the burden of limited income.

We are here to help

We are committed to working in partnership with you to establish your work from home lifestyle by providing you assistance in registering as an agent on the Arise platform, enrolling in course certification for the client of your choice and on-boarding prior to course completion. We also stay with you through out your journey by managing your contract(s) on the Arise platform, giving you guidance through Agent Enhancement sessions to help you develop and grow in achieving your career goals.

How to get started

Registration steps for Jones Family Virtual Staffing LLC 1. Visit www.arise.com and select “Register Now” 2. Choose United States 3. Check Mark All Three Boxes (After reading for Understanding) 4. Complete General Information (including creating a Username and Password) 5. Complete Contact Information 6. For Additional Information you will enter the following a. Did you learn about the Arise Platform from a call center or one of their agents? Yes b. Agent CSPID 1712149 c. How did you hear about the Arise Platform? Call Center d. Please Specify Jones Family Staffing 7. Once your profile is completed you will sign the Non Disclosure Agreement by clicking “Start Now” and then “View” scroll to the bottom (where you can see signatures) then “Sign” and click “Next” 8. You will now be prompted to select an Independent Contractor Type, please choose “Agent of Existing Call Center” and submit request 9. When submitting Call Center Information please input 96560 into the Company ID field and click the magnifying glass next to it to bring up Jones Family Staffing LLC 10. Enter your SSN and confirm the SSN and then click “Next” a. Please send a text to 678-815-9735 stating “Waiting Approval” b. When you receive reply to text “Approved” log back into the portal with Username and Password to sign the Agent Waiver and the Agent NDA c. Then text 678-815-9735 stating “Waiting Finalization” d. When you receive text “Finalized” log back into the portal with Username and Password to select a client to enroll for certification


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  • Course Cost Fees varies
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"Reliable source or income, potential job promotions"


Do you need a second income? Are you looking to still spend more time with your family and still generate household income? You've found the right company! Very professional and attentive people. ...

Zaria Jones


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